The only independent Spanish manufacturer of bumpers

We could be defined as a family company which manufactures bumpers and plastic parts for car bodies, but we prefer to say that we inject safety and supply protection in each of our products.

Founded in 1963 by Enrique Lastra Lastra and currently led by the second generation, we are the only independent manufacturer and producer of bumpers in Spain, which turns us into leaders in the plastic auto body sector.

Our headquarters, located in Sant Joan Despí, has a staff of around 60 people and facilities measuring more than 21,000 m2 which supplies the more than 1,000 references in available stock for the most important European vehicles.

More than 50 countries trust our quality products, which are equivalent to the manufacturer’s spare parts.


Being a leader means constantly innovating. That is why we invest more than 20% of our invoicing in R&D. Thanks to this, we can manufacture 80% of the bumpers and grilles with tools we have developed in-house.

The R&D Department manages, monitors and supervises the design and manufacture of the injection moulds and tracks them in their most important phases:

• Inverse engineering
• Mould flow studies (injection simulation)
• Simplification studies
• Injection tests
• Car assembly tests

ISO norm 9001/2015, awarded by the Bureau Veritas Quality, endorses our procedure and certifies the quality of the manufacturing and quality control of all the pieces. View certificate

Plus, we work closely with the ASCAMM Technology Centre on innovation projects to improve the design and manufacture of bumpers and grilles.


The production is concentrated in two main centres, both of them endorsed with the ISO 9001 norm, equipped with a fleet of 30 injection machines ranging from 80 to 3500 tonnes, 10 of them specifically to manufacture bumpers.

Part of this space is used for painting stations; the most advanced in the sector, they guarantee top quality in the printing process. The pieces are subjected to ionisation and flame treatment which gives them the perfect adherence, and thus guarantees the optimal applicability of the finishing paint.

In addition to having the most technologically developed centres, at Phira we also believe that it is essential to use top-quality raw materials created specifically for their end use, and this is why we work with materials designed exclusively for manufacturing bumpers which have undergone rigorous quality control.

Finally, our quality department participates throughout the entire production process to ensure that the quality standards demanded by the automobile market are properly applied.


Our mission is to be geared to the characteristics of each client. To do so, we have a flexible structure that is capable of responding to all their needs.

We offer quick, effective service all over the world.

• Delivery service in 24 – 48 hours
• Rush delivery service in 24 hours (only Spain)
• Packaging designed to prevent damage during shipping

We keep among the largest stock in order to handle the maximum demand capacity possible.

• More than 15,000 m2 of finished product in our warehouses
• More than 1,000 references in stock
• Different kinds of packaging, as needed
• Personalised labels
• Extensive catalogue with practically the entire range of bumpers for cars and vans
• Availability of 100% of the pieces

Talk to us and we’ll solve any potential problems and answer any questions quickly and simply.

• Technical and Quality Departments available to answer any inquiries about parts, catalogue, etc.
• Direct, personalised attention to inquiries from the workshop

The parts referenced on this website are not original, but are perfectly adaptable to the cars they make reference to. Products of equivalent quality in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 461/2010. The use of manufacturers brands and original references are only an aid in order to indicate the model for which each spare part is intended. All the brands that appear as application references for the spare parts on this website are the property of their respective registration owners.